Super Hexagon

I have been addicted to this little game for a number of reasons. Chiefly that it looks great, sounds great and only takes up to a minute per-playthrough, which is perfect for an iPhone game. I read somewhere that Terry Cavanagh gave a talk at GameCity and that it revealed a host of interesting things that the game is doing without you noticing. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the talk online, but knowing this made me notice a number of things.

First of all the speed of the difficulty settings do not affect the speed at which the player moves, so from the very beginning you are learning the skills you need to play the game at its hardest setting.

The game also appears procedurally generated, but it isn’t. It has set sections that play randomly. Either that or the whole thing is in order, but you are started at a random point along this path every time you replay. I thought this was especially clever, because it means that you get an equal amount of practice at every section and you go from barely being able to complete a third of a level to completing the whole thing very quickly. This really ties in well with the music, which re-starts every time you fail. Hearing a longer section of the track becomes huge positive reinforcement.

I’d still love to see that talk, so if anyone has it, let me know!