Updates Soon...

The AI is now in a finished state. It’s HFSM based AI with a little bit of learning thrown in. It was an interesting journey, the biggest conclusion being that unless you have enough animations and general ‘things-for-them-to-do’, they can appear relatively unintelligent even if they are actually doing some quite clever things.

In the case of this AI, they learn to prefer different areas of the map based on their success rate with different weapons. They also have unique personalities, some being braver than others. The problem is that, being little cubes and not living for very long, this behaviour isn’t really very noticeable.

Another thing to take away from all this is that without a game to tailor their behaviour to, you can pretty much keep adding and adding to their intelligence in infinite little ways. In the end, you need a goal to work towards, otherwise, where do you stop?

I’ll post up the final results in the next few days, but in the weeks coming I’m going to strip out their behaviour from the framework and start fresh with a different system.